You want to shape your staff into a real team.

Your team has to perform under time pressure. The opportunity for good talks and teambuilding remains limited. You are caught between efficiency and people management. It is also reflected sometimes in complaints about lacking information. You will appreciate my backup in order to:

  • better align your leadership role with targets
  • advance core strategic issues in credible ways
  • further empower your staff
  • build up sustainable team spirit

Facilitating team events

Meetings are your leadership tool. This tool aims to assert your management intentions. You must control sequencing, encourage progress, and introduce next steps. You can rely on my facilitation in order to:

  • focus on the central issues while I ensure the structure and flow
  • get the team sensitized to conflicts of interest and opposing targets
  • be sure that conflicts are managed on neutral ground

Building up corporate culture

The core values of your company are a statement of commitment.
On the other hand, your actual corporate culture is the sum of tangible behaviours. Call on me when you:

  • want to check how values come accross
  • need to visualize and manifest value-based behaviours
  • have to steer the conversion of values

My background adds value

  • Over 15 years of workshop / event facilitation
  • 25 years of qualitative survey approaches and solution interviews
  • Systemic-constructivist approach towards feedback
  • Comprehensive range of methodologies and useful tools
  • Expert on group dynamics
  • Networking with Nextpractice culture diagnostics (