You seek inspiration for professional
strategies and self-positioning

As a leader, you master complex missions. Under pressure to succeed, you have to count upon yourself. Thus, at times you value a true partner:

  • to increase your effectiveness.

    Your most personal concerns are about maintaining an authentic profile in professional life, and about balancing your work engagements with your private commitments.

  • to confidently manage organizational dynamics.

    Leadership topics are relationship issues. It’s about your position in the power dynamics. About is mastering communication with your stakeholders, and resolving conflicts in a sovereign manner. It ist about being a role model.

  • to shed new light on essential business issues.

    Strategic alignment often goes neglected in daily business. Matters of quality and innovation are pushed aside. Our partnership offers a quiet space to plan the future of your business.

Resonate in dialogue

Resonance is well known in physics: An object resonates when it is stimulated at a frequency near its natural frequency f0. Our dialogue is tuned to intensify your "optimal wavelength".

In the business world, information provided to decision makers is rarely "objective". Rather, the manager interprets the information received through his perceptive lens. Your accustomed interpretation patterns may, however, take you in the wrong direction. Executive coaching will help you see things through different lenses and allow you to gain a much broader perspective.

My background adds value

  • 20 years of leadership consulting with over 3,000 hours
    of executive coaching
  • extensive experience with (recurrent) themes of first-line management
  • problem solving skills at the cognitive, intuitive, and energetic level
  • M.A. in social sciences, training as corporate system analyst, EMBA
  • Continuous advanced training in executive coaching and
    in generative coaching
  • Membership in a (high)-quality professional network