You need a thorough evaluation of your executive level candidates.

Sustainable recruiting at top-management level is becoming increasingly critical. As a decision-maker you want to:

  • shed light on the soft-skills of your candidates
  • measure the skills and aptitude of candidates
  • learn about the potential of internal candidates
  • foresee how a candidate will integrate into an existing team
  • compare in-depth the profiles of good candidates
  • review your own assessment with a second opinion

Personality counts

Approaches to the assessment of middle management focus mostly on observable behavior in specific situations. At work, however, first-line managers are confronted with more complex environments. In these environments a differentiated and balanced personality becomes crucial. At the executive level, the candidate’s deeper role aspirations, leadership intentions, personal values and strategic appraisals are usually more revealing than behavioral observation. Given an equal accomplishment level/track-record, the critical success factor remains personality.

As an assessor with many years of practice, I offer an independent analysis of a candidate’s personality and stand behind my interpretations. I conduct my work with respect for the candidates and protection of their personal privacy.

Assessment is more than diagnostics

My process takes complexity into account. The procedure is carefully tailored to the company and the target position. This ensures its validity in the functional context. Commercial diagnostic tools allow the benchmarking of candidates. Top observers with true business experience contribute their complementary specialist knowledge. The process is based on the following pillars:

  • Briefing on requirements for the position, market context, corporate culture
  • Preparation of the candidates, with sufficient time
  • Daylong assessment with top observer (four-eye principle/or dual control)
  • Contextual evaluation of interviews, tests, and strategic exercises
  • A detailed expert report
  • Debriefing including comparison of the candidates
  • Several hours of personal feedback for the candidates
  • If required: onboarding of the selected candidate

My background adds value

  • Social and organizational psychologist
  • Decades of experience with 1:1 assessments at executive level
  • Broad benchmark based on hundreds of mandates
  • Collaboration with experienced observers from the business world
  • Context-related evaluation, matching market environment
    and candidate's maturity