If there is a need, I gladly offer my rooms to partners. Just get in contact.


Dialogue with experience, time, and space

Human senses need the interplay of stimulation and rest. This is how our mind gets creative. However, under constant daily pressure, our thinking becomes inevitably restricted.

That's why I share the luxury of space and time with you at the leadershiploft. There we crystallize your professional goals, develop business concepts, assess your projects, review quarterly results. This goes far beyond a good business talk. If you look for this quality, our collaboration will be your benefit.

My competences reassure you

With solid academic background and extensive experience in the business world, I have been coaching managers and specialists for 20 years. Using a wide range of tools, I do not identify with any single best way. Thus, I remain flexible and can act as your critical, constructive partner. Hold high expectations when you may draw on my experience.

Mutual creativity accelerates your progress

I think in analogies and images. Therefore, ideas pop up constantly to enrich our collaboration. After a setback, we check the realities, and jointly envision your next milestones. And last but not least you always benefit from the good co-creation I have had with countless customers.